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About us 

Hi there 👋 


We have been working remotely with a 12+ hours time-zone difference for a year now and often found it difficult to keep a track of the most important messages among regular conversations on Slack. We use Slack for pretty much everything. 


To help ourselves, we built a very simple tool to manage our Slack into a digest of sorts. So we never have to worry about finding and acting on messages that matter. We use it all the time and can't imagine our workspace without Poppins.

As it has been super helpful for us, we are offering it to other teams who face similar issues.


Some of our founder friends are already using Poppins for similar use-cases, one of them is getting rid of 13 Google docs to manage 1:1 meetings with our Slack App, another one is using it to create "All hands digest", one uses it for all their zoom meetings to make notes and so on. We have some users trying to use it for customer support among other interesting use-cases.

According to some of our power users, they have already started saving around 45 minutes to an hour/day and our mission is to enable every employee to save an hour/day.

While we built Poppins as an internal tool, we are excited to see teams across the globe showing interest to use Poppins. We now have 500+ Teams across 60+ countries using Poppins. We love to be close to our users and learn from them. Based on the feedback, users love Poppins and they want to use it across tools, so we're now building Poppins to work on their preferred tools. (Coming soon)

We would love to connect with you if you have any feedback, suggestions, want to partner, or are curious about our roadmap.



- Manjunath and Mayank

(Co-founders, Poppins)

Add Poppins to your Slack:

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