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Happiness at Work

Poppins lets you discover how awesome you are at work.

"Appreciation at work is no more good to be, its a Must be!"

Join Poppins if you want to:

  • Appreciate your peers and get appreciated.

  • Build trust and deeper meaningful connections.

  • Get an insight into what your peers think about you.

  • Reduce work-related stress.

  • Showcase your awesomeness even when you switch companies.

  • Works Independently from your employer.

Discover more, on the app! 

Why Poppins?

Find & show

your X-Factor's

Authentic work community



Quick appreciation's that surprise and cheers you and your coworkers!

daily fun quests that bring people closer, even remotely.

Poppins lets you find & showcase your X-factors, which help you stand out professionally & unlock opportunities like never before.

Poppins is a community of verified professionals for a safe and meaningful experience.

We ask for work emails to verify every new user.

Poppins is an invite-only community, request for an invite & download our app.


Experience Poppins.

Need help or curious to learn more? write to us at
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