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Make Slack actionable.

Poppins is built for Founders, Leaders, and High-Performers who want to make Slack Productive without switching Context.

📢 Poppins for Chrome is coming soon.. Stay Tuned.
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Poppins is  Loe'd by teams at:


500+ global teams Loe us

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..and many more!

How teams use Poppins?

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How teams use Poppins

How it works

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How it Works?

1.  Add to Slack

2. Start capturing items on Slack

3. Create digests and make Slack productive.

4.  Take action on these items within Slack.

Add Poppins to your team's workspace.

Automatically sort your Slack messages into:




Adding Poppins to a channel allows team members to save and view highlights, action items, and discussion topics for a "No Ask Updates" culture.

Poppins only saves messages you tag and all your chats are encrypted. 

Poppins Digest

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To view all the action items, discussion topics, and highlights, just type /Poppins 

A digest provides visibility to everyone in a given channel or chat, you can create also private digests or across the workspace digests too.

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Start making your Slack Actionable.

📢 Poppins will be available soon as a Chrome extension.
Join our Slack community to experience Poppins. 
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