Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Poppins?

Poppins is a productivity tool for teams to capture and act on shared action items without switching tools. 100's of teams across the globe use Poppins to work productively on Slack and other tools. Poppins app is available on Slack here. We are also available as a private beta for our Google Chrome Extension.(request for early access) It currently supports tools like GDocs, GSlides, GMeet and Figma.

How do I use Poppins?

Poppins is pretty simple to use, Follow these simple steps:

1. With a one-cllick Install, add Poppins to your Slack workspace.
2. In a Slack channel, just mention @Poppins in a message which you want to keep a track of, Poppins will add it as an action item for you.
3. In a DM, instead of @Poppins use more options>Poppins shortcuts to add an item. 4. You can access all these items anywhre on Slack by typing "/poppins" and choosing the digest or by going to Poppins Home within Slack. Pro Tip: The best part is, you dont have to leave Slack for anything. learn more on Resources

How much does it cost?

Poppins is free for our early believers, the only thing we ask in return is your feedback to improve our product!

How do I use Poppins along with my team?

Poppins is built for collaboration on action items so that people never have to follow up with each other or miss out on anything. To start collaborating:
a) You can mention @user1, @user2 and so on... in a regular message and tag @Poppins and the users will be added as collaborators. learn more on Resources (link)
eg: Hey @Naval can you update @jarvis on deck? @Poppins
b) Go to Edit option in an action item and add owners and collaborators.
c) whenever an owner or collaborator updates the status, you will be notified.
Poppins helps you and your team achieve "No ask updates Culture".

How can I become more productive?

We have a few tips for you: 1. Avoid multi-tasking and 2. Avoid Switching context, as per the research, both of them are one of the biggest drivers of unproductivity at work. Poppins is a simple yet powerful tool to help you stay in the context and get your tasks done, saving you an hour or more every day at work! Install it on Slack or Try it for free here link for Poppins community!

How much time can I and my team save using Poppins?

Users share that they have started saving an hour or more everyday at work with Poppins! It works even better when Poppins is part of all the channels you and your team use.