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No Slack workspace found!
Sorry, we could not find a Slack workspace linked with this account. Currently, the Poppins chrome extension works only with your Slack account.
In order for the Chrome extension to work, the Poppins Slack app needs to be installed in your Slack workspace, please check in your Slack workspace if Poppins is installed, if not use the link to Install.
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Try the following:
  • If your email is not linked with your Slack workspace, Sign up with a different email on the Chrome store and try again.
If the Poppins app is not installed in your Slack workspace, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your Slack workspace
Step 2: Go to Apps
Step 3: Search for Poppins
Step 4: Install Poppins
Step 5: Complete your onboarding
Step 6: Come back here, refresh the page.
Step 7: Your workspace should appear.
Step 8: if you're still not able to find your workspace, contact us here.